I think everybody can say that in this Universe exist one big Energy...I really don't think is a Secret for someone anymore....doesn't matter how You call it....God, Universe, Allah, Buddha...This big energy will not stop to exist if You call It in a diferent way or if You don't believe in it...in the case that you are a atheist.

The great french mathematician and philosopher, Blaise Pascal said: "If I believe there is God and He does not exist, I have lost nothing. But if I do not believe He exists and He really exists, then we have lost a lot."

The only thinks that are news...are informations that right now stays in fog in the brain for so many people...and in my opinion that is sad...so let's make light in Your brain...

God exist but He didn't create the religion, people did it!

The religion is not 100% corect...actually is such a powerfull tool for manipulating us. Of course I don't say that is not good in some cases...but not everything that This Religion teach us is corect and in it are so many frogs created for "our safe"...

Actually this is what people that create Religion was think in that time, that this Powerfull Tool will help us to be more good in each every day...

Well...I am asking you...Do you really believe that a tool that hide from You some Truths and that Manipulate your brain because they think this help you ... really help You 100%?

Do you really believe that this help you?

Who can know what is good for you ?

Religion, a friend, your mom or your dad...?

Well they can advise you, help you with only advises but they didn't know exactly what is in your brain or in your soul, they didn't know Who you are for real!

The real answere is so simple: ONLY YOU! (only you know what is best for you, what is right for you)

When You choose to believe something or someone just because is an autority or someone or a Important part of society or because everybody around you do that...You give that life choose to something or someone else...

Stop doing that...
Make your own choise...

Choose to study to see if that information is the truth 100% or not...only by knowledge you can know for real, only knowledge can make you to understand... why is like this, why is like that!

I help you with the study...I already did it...and actually I can prove it to, because i illuminated my mind and i choose to act like it, i choose my path!

You have to choose it to...your path...(but this is another subject)

Proving can also release yourself...(but that is another step in your evolution for a iluminated mind)

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