Let's understand a simple assembly:

High level of psychopathy + High and controlled spirituality + Talent = Success in everything in this life!

Yes, I know ... You wonder if this is possible?

The answer is simple: Yes (if you really want it and if you are ready to take all the necessary steps for this purpose)

"Illuminated people are fried in fire and extinguished in wather. Mediocre people have the opportunity to light or feel fire and weak people are afraid to touch it and / or know it!" - Roxa Madal

What category do you belong to?

Where do you want to be?

Whatever your answer to the questions you need to know an elementary thing ... for the first categories you need confidence in yourself, not extreme confidence, hypocritical ...
You have to be honest about the truth, just as you have to be honest about the other qualities / defects you have!

We begin a first step by expressing the personality traits of the good psychopath who is also a spiritual person:

- The ability to quickly identify a person's personality (you only empathize when and how much you need just to "see" the personality of that persons in your field of action)

- Take responsibility in any circumstance

- Respects their own values

- Do what he has to do

- Facing the blows, even in the most difficult situations, they have the ability to rise and reinvent themselves from their ashes, like a phoenix bird

- Fast forward (make a brief analysis before, to be more prepared next time, the analysis is not really short but their mental capacity makes it to look that is very short, being fast)

- Solve (always find the most favorable way for them and others, but without emotional involvement)
When something have to be solved, the spiritual spectrum closes precisely for no collateral victims ... I will explain in another article how this aspect can be achieved and why is like that ...

- Eliminate what does not help them, they never think excessively, doesn't exist "I break the thread in four", this being something specific to anxiety, they cannot suffer from this psychological or other psychological illness.

- Do not take anything personally, feel and think very quickly in an unfavorable circumstance

- It focuses on the current task, the power of concentration is so powerfull and nothing can remove them from that concentration without their will

- It acts with the power of light

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